The following is a listing of steel mill model vendors. The NMRA and the SMMSIG do not endorse these vendors. Steel mill model products are often manufactured by small boutique companies and are thus hard to find. With this in mind, we offer the following listing to assist our members in their search.

The Industrial Model Shop, Adamsburg PA – Owned by Scott Schaller, offers a large selection of steel mill model products from many small specialty manufactures.

Alkem Scale Models, Alexendria, VA – HO Scale goggle valves and gate valves.

Rix Products, Evansville, IN – HO Scale ingot buggies and molds.

Shapeways, New York, NY – Makerspace 3D printing of yours and others’ designs.

N Scale ladles, coke locomotive and quench car, larry car and other N scale Steel Mill Parts.

HO scale slag car.

N Scale Ladle car N Scale Dolomite container set for a gondola.

Walthers, Milwaukee, WI – HO scale Cornerstone Series structures, mills, buildings.

Steel Mill Modelers Supply – 3D printed valves and other equipment.