The “Dean Freytag Award” was created to memorialize the late Dean Freytag. Dean was widely recognized in the world of Steel Mill Modeling as one of the pioneers of the hobby. A regular attendee of the annual meetings, Dean was the de facto mentor of all members who attended. Those who presented a clinic were under the careful and constructive coaching eye of Dean. We all enjoyed his spirited comments and suggestions that have made all of us better modelers.​

This award was formalized after his death in 2010 to recognize the model deemed best by a vote of the members.

Awards will be presented in two categories:

  1. Best model at the show
  2. Best model photograph

The photography award is for those who cannot transport their modeling work because of size, transportation difficulties or who do not want to shut down operations. To help evaluate your model and not your photography skills, three photographs of your model in 8 X 10 format are required. Photo one should be a straight on shot. Photo two should be at a 45 degree angle to the left or right of center. Photograph 3 should be an overhead view. Members who attend the meet will vote and the awards will be presented at the banquet. Good luck!


Steve Knight (Best Model)

Guil Rand (Best Model Photograph)


Doug Geiger (Best Model)

Ted Luce (Best Model Photograph)


Phil Burnside (Best Model)


Eric Craig (Best Model)

2013 – Jim Burnside

2012 – Brian Klimek

2011 – Mike Rabbitt

2010 – Robert Knappen

2009 – Glenn Sonnier

2008 – Vince Altiere

2007 – John Mrozek

2006 – No Meet

2005 – Ted Schultz

2004 – Shelby Corbin